All INTERNI initiatives for the Milan Design Week 2022: from the exhibition-event to the FuoriSalone 2022 Guide to the novelties of the production

Also for the FuoriSalone 2022, INTERNI rediscovers its double role as an event producer and as a collector of information on trends and novelties in furniture. And, compared to FuoriSalone 2021, it broadens its horizons in both roles.

The great exhibition-event curated by INTERNI for Design Week 2022 and co-produced with Audi, Plenitude and Whirlpool, is called Design Re-Generation and occupies four locations. As usual, there will be the University of Milan and the Orto Botanico di Brera but the Audi House of Progress will be located, for the first time, Piazza Cordusio, while an exhibition curated by Giulio Cappellini will be presented at IBM Studios Milan in Piazza Gae Aulenti 10. There will be more than 40 installations.

Side of the magazine, INTERNI will help its readers find their way around the events of the Design Week thanks to the FuoriSalone 2022 Guide , also available online, to the digital magazine INTERNI King Size , which tells the story of better than the novelties of the production, and with a FuoriSalone Special with update articles on what is happening in the city in the various design districts.


Design Re-Generation: INTERNI's FuoriSalone 2022 event

In 2021, despite the pandemic, the INTERNI exhibition had a record number of visitors, more than 180,000, confirming itself as the most visited event of the Milan Design Week, the true symbol of the FuoriSalone in the eyes of the public, even international.

With double the number of installations compared to 2021 , the 2022 edition - INTERNI Design Re-Generation - will occupy the same spaces as the University of Milan and the Orto Botanico di Brera but also Piazza Cordusio (with the Audi House of Progress) and the IBM Studios with two exhibitions by Giulio Cappellini.


In these four exhibition venues, INTERNI proposed to well-known designers to translate the concept of design as regeneration of architectures, products, processes and materials into experimental installations, according to a vision aimed not only at recovering what is already was built and produced, but also to improve the quality of life of those who live and use man-made products.

In collaboration with partner companies and institutions, more than 40 projects have been created for Design Re-Generation including installations, exhibitions, temporary architectures and set-ups that stage a series of creative, material and functional proposals.

Visionary but concrete solutions that foreshadow a future in which those who design, do business, invent, experiment are animated by a profound and responsible listening to the things of the world, by greater sensitivity, attention and 'care' for realities and natural resources, to the common good is for the benefit of the person's well-being.


The FuoriSalone 2022 Guide

The Interni Guide to the FuoriSalone 2022 events will be available online from 3 June.

With around 350 events, the Guide is distributed in its printed version together with the June issue of INTERNI, in all the locations participating in the circuit as well as in the places of culture, tourism and entertainment and in the design hotspots in all the districts.

New for the 2022 edition: an interactive map of events

The novelty, as regards the online FuoriSalone 2022 Guide, is the presence of an interactive map which, by matching the data loaded on it and Google Maps, facilitates the localization of the events themselves, helps to organize your agenda and manage travel.

The online version of the Guide includes, for each furniture company, the link to a focus on a novelty product.

BROWSE THE FUORISALONE GUIDE 2022 (online from 3 June)


New 2022 products: INTERNI King Size

INTERNI King Size is also back in digital version. The best of furniture production told with images, texts and videos, will be online starting June 3 and will be distributed in a dedicated newsletter at the end of the Design Week.

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The FuoriSalone 2022 Special

A FuoriSalone 2022 Special that tells Milan Design Week area by area, with constantly updated articles, to understand what to see and why.

Already online, you can find it here : updates, daily, there they will help guide you on the paths to follow, the events not to be missed and, above all, to understand what is really shaking the world of design .

Read the Fuorisalone Special 2022 by INTERNI

Debates, round tables and performances: The Design of Change

A series of meetings, entitled The Design of Change, will animate the INTERNI Design Re-Generation event. The calendar includes round tables, lectures, workshops, presentations, performances and press conferences, with free admission or by invitation. Some talks will be replayed as recordings on our site.

Schedule and date

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