A project by Lladró creative team. Sottoportico Cortile d’Onore  - Università degli Studi di Milano

One large porcelain chandelier represents the Autunno versions of the Seasons collection by Lladró.

The collection draws inspiration from the Art Deco style and richness of colours and shapes of seasons and the moments of the day (autumn, winter and dawn). This series emphasises Lladró’s constant attention to porcelain as a versatile and natural material and to its craftwork which integrates art, innovation, and beauty.

Every part of the items is made by sculptors and artisans in an entirely manual process using ancient techniques and a typical colour palette.

The light that filters through the chromatically treated porcelain subtly varies according to the time of the day and night in a play of glowing flashes that multiply with the alternate pattern of glass and porcelain elements.