A project by Raffaello Galiotto with Nardi. Cortile del Settecento - Università degli Studi di Milano

The installation by Raffaello Galiotto with Nardi in the Cortile del Settecento, is focused on loss, doubt and the need to find answers through the way out from the maze.

Raffaello Galiotto

Labyrinth Garden is an outdoor multi-path maze made up of an articulated circular path which develops on the 625 square metres of the grass of the Cortile del Settecento of the Ca’ Granda university building. The walls of the track are made using Sipario partitions in 100% regenerated and recyclable plastic, equipped with pots and plants.

The regenerated plastic mix in the colour Terra, with a mottled and matt finish, is the result of the Nardi industrial project called Regeneration for the production of outdoor furniture in post-consumer plastic, with a view to environmental sustainability.

An experiential layout: those who enter the maze are invited to find, by trial and error, the way out by moving to the tower at the centre of the area from which, by climbing up and looking at the entire maze, the way out can be seen. Labyrinth Garden is not just for a moment’s fun but is also e metaphor of the time of confusion we are living through, characterized by problems such as environment, health, peace: rising above the maze to look beyond, viewing ways out and finding answers.