A project by the students of the three-year course in Interior Design and Architecture from Accademia IUAD. Sottoportico Cortile d’Onore - Università degli Studi di Milano

Three see-through sails, as wings of a stage that opens new possible reflections on the life cycle of products, also thanks to the help of multimedia supports.

Giovanni Maione

Catello Raffaele

The fundamental principle of Eco-design is at the core of the project by Accademia IUAD that proposes a fluid path of rebirth, Nature and industry. The idea of the students, under the direction of their teachers, was to create a stage on which a series of elements could be presented - either raw or secondary materials - deriving from a life cycle already completed and transformed into new forms of expression.

The wings of the stage are Le Vele della Rinascita (The Sails of Rebirth), three sails made of thin aluminum sheets (up to 3.50 meters high) oxidized with powders of recycled materials, spaced out from each other and, therefore, visually permeable, to offer visitors the possibility to observe the exhibits from any position, without hiding the view of the Cortile d’Onore.

Each sail is anchored to an independent wooden platform. An installation that offers interesting insights into the life cycle of a product, a structure, an idea, to open up to new ways of doing design.