A project by Alessandro Scandurra with iGuzzini illuminazione. Portale Hall Aula Magna - Università degli Studi di Milano

Entering an imaginary theater, crossing a threshold in order to participate in a continuous show: the show of life. Getting into a space of change and rebirth, which serves as a propeller for a path of constant regeneration.

Alessandro Scandurra. Ph. Delfino Sisto Legnani

Situated in the portico of the Università degli Studi, at the entrance of the Auditorium Hall, Life is a sort of imaginary theater, a luminous place where the energy of every single day comes alive. These are the words used by its designer, Alessandro Scandurra, to describe the inspiration behind the installation created with iGuzzini Illuminazione: “It wasn’t exactly dark, the rain was stopping, it was almost morning and the luminous signs continued to speak; a theater said ‘Life’ while crackling drops were running out, a mechanism was stopping and another one was about to start again. A new day.

Life is an invitation to enter and participate in a continuous show, a threshold towards a place that you must learn to know, the show of life, in fact. Life is a passage full of meanings, which we want to highlight with a game of moving lights. An opening towards a possible ‘enlightenment’ bringing change and rebirth, a space generating a continuous itinerary.

A joyful christening of life. Design is Life, generating and re-generating uninterruptedly, in a cycle in which our actions become the protagonists of change”.