A project by CastagnaRavelli with Ledvance and Eurostands. Loggiato Est - Università degli Studi di Milano

Five egg-like shapes, symbols of life, appear in the Loggiato Est of the Cortile d’Onore and present luminous words that invite to think about regeneration and rebirth.

Gianni Ravelli, Paolo Castagna

The theme of regeneration, of rebirth and of the life cycle may not appear easy to tackle. The CastagnaRavelli studio found an answer in a natural ‘object’, the egg, the very symbol of life. In its perfect shape, the egg encapsulates all these meanings and shows them without any interpretation issues: it makes simple and recognizable what is complex.

From the Loggiato Est of the Cortile d’Onore, there appear five large egg shapes decorated with the luminous words “LIFE IS…”, made by Eurostands using Human Centric Lighting smart LED products by Ledvance. CastagnaRavelli’s project also intends to pay tribute to one of the most iconic paintings in universal art history, kept in Milan: the Brera Madonna by Piero della Francesca, whose focal point is represented precisely by an egg hanging in the centre of the architecture.

"As designers", CastagnaRavelli say, "we needed to make the shapes luminous also during daytime, and we thought, together with our partner Eurostands, that we could use a mirroring material that is able to capture sunlight and reflect it. In the evening, Ledvance lighting equipment gives life to the scenography".