A project by Ron Arad with Citco and iGuzzini illuminazione. Cortile d'Onore - Università degli Studi di Milano

Ron Arad’s constant experimentation with materials is applied to the expressive and application potential of white Carrara statuary marble, which looks to the future thanks to increasingly high-performance technologies and know-how.

How do you build a love song? This is how Ron Arad describes the genesis of his work in white Carrara statuary marble, with its enveloping, sinuous shapes, manufactured by the Verona-based company Citco with lights curated by iGuzzini illuminazione, in the Cortile d’Onore for the INTERNI Design Re-Generation exhibition.

“The twist of Love Song started during the lockdown period, when I was contacted by Citco and asked if I could give them something difficult to do. Sometimes you find out that ideas migrate and develop from one project to another and from one medium to another. The visual palindrome Love Song started as a graphic idea and then moved on to ink and paint and finally to a three-dimensional material.

It was surprising to extrapolate a cut-out (with a water jet, laser cut technique) of the calligraphic inscription of ‘love’, turn it upside down and read ‘song’! It didn’t take long to turn it into stainless steel and COR-TEN steel. But another idea sprang up during the production process: the word Love could be extruded and distorted so that, on one side of the same solid marble object, you could read ‘love’ and, on the other, ‘song’”. No sooner said than done. To the delight of our eyes.