A project by Missoni under the direction of Alberto Caliri. Outdoor Lounges - Università degli Studi di Milano

Surreal, oversized outdoor furniture of hyperbolic proportions hint at an era of change and at the brand’s ability to relentlessly re-invent itself.

Alberto Caliri

This installation, which was created in the Cortile d’Onore by Missoni under the direction of Alberto Caliri (who, under the supervision of Rosita Missoni, is the Creative Director of the Missoni Home Collection), includes two outdoor lounges that generate a dreamlike extravagance: dimensions become hyperbolic, shapes change and take on the king-size proportions of surreal outdoor furniture, suggesting total and absolute comfort.

It hints at this age of transition and at the metamorphosis that awaits and will affect us all. The work, an ideal teaser of the installation that Missoni will create for the occasion in its showroom in Via Solferino called Welcome Back Dreams, ironically alludes to the brand’s ability to re-generate and re-invent itself, thanks to its ability to continuously mix the real and the unreal.

The graceful nonchalance of the game winks at innovation, without overshadowing the importance of design and of the inimitable style inherent in the brand. The phantasmagorical players, that seem to emerge from the virtual world of the Metaverse, are soft seats that magnify already existing modules, while the surprisingly oversized stuffed animals wear the rigorous, playful, and unmistakable iconic signs of the brand with a subtle sense of humor.