A project by K3 Creative Team. Loggiato ovest - Università degli Studi di Milano

A tribute to life and meditation. The balance between rationality and spirituality is interpreted by k3, with its creative team, using colors, signs and floral shapes that define a dreamy oasis of relaxation

A surreal island inviting to Zen meditation is the installation by K3, luxury brand for the home and lifestyle, founded by the world-renowned Japanese designer Kenzo Takada. Valuable furnishing elements with poetic tones, enriched with prints and decorations taken from Japanese art, are arranged under a suspended canopy made of fabric sheets in different sizes and with the iconic patterns of the brand.

A series of poufs invite you to relax and admire the evocative charm of the Installation and to quietly discover the details inspired by ancient Japanese art, which, among shades, embroideries, reliefs, and precious details, evoke the beauty and fragility of life and its cycles of rebirth.

Symbols of good omen, such as the white tiger and the eagle of fire (the phoenix), patterns taken from Nature, with delicate and light or full and disruptive shades, such as stylized leaves and flowers.