A project by LibriBianchi by Lorenzo and Simona Perrone. Sottoportico Cortile d’Onore - Università degli Studi di Milano

Simona and Lorenzo Perrone

"Contemporary art must be provocative", says artist couple Lorenzo e Simona Perrone. "It must make us think about the mistakes we have made and begin again with new ideas, new proposals that were until recently unimaginable, dictated by the awareness that only sustainability can save us".

It is precisely this new awareness that the sculpture exhibited under the portico of the Università degli Studi intends to represent, by using the book as a symbol for culture, study and knowledge. Only by study will humans be able to overturn those beliefs that until now have remained cultural elements carved in stone: from chaos to searching for new certainties.

The installation consists of an 80cm cube base made using second-hand books, seemingly piled up, treated with glue, chalk and white acrylic paint. Above, representing the achieved awareness, a circle of books cast in bronze. Paints by Dinova Italia.