A project by Jacopo Foggini and Beton Eisack. Cortile dei Bagni - Università degli Studi di Milano

Polymer and concrete. These two materials of different nature, but both deriving from a recycling process, give life to an installation that reflects on time in a sustainable way. Past, present and future merge in a temple that alludes to antiquity but proposes an innovative construction principle.

Jacopo Foggini. Ph. Alessandro Moggi

This is the installation designed by Jacopo Foggini and Beton Eisack for the Cortile dei Bagni that intends to aesthetically explore the theme of sustainability, combining two materials of different nature but both coming from a recycling process.

The columns are made of PC/PET-G supplied by MGM materie plastiche, the remaining structure in AeroBeton®. The first material, entirely recovered, is obtained through mechanical recycling from ground industrial waste of the furniture industry; the second is a product made of cellular glass gravel obtained through a thermal process from 100% recycled glass and processed to obtain an extremely strong and light aggregate for concrete, with excellent insulating performance.

However, their response to time is different: while concrete is destined to merge and mould with the landscape, the polymer maintains its characteristics almost unchanged.