An exhibition curated by Bruno Simões for ApexBrasil. Portico Richini and Portico San Nazaro - Università degli Studi di Milano

A hymn to the creative and cultural diversity of Brazil through typical everyday objects, from those derived from the popular tradition to those created by the new generations of designers. Hoovering between craftsmanship and industry.

Bruno Simões. Ph. Mariana Maltoni

Brazil, a multi-ethnic land in constant evolution, the result of fast and intense economic, social and cultural transformations. This year it celebrates the 200th anniversary of its Proclamation of Independence and the 100th anniversary of the Semana de Arte Moderna.

This is the framework in which the installation Poesia do Cotidiano, curated by Bruno Simões and ApexBrasil, was created to represent what Brazilian design has been and is today. In the Portico del Richini, a story unfolds that investigates - from a non-linear perspective - the complex relationship between handmade artifacts and industry in the production of a new generation of designers.

The dual soul of Brazil is also expressed through the different materials used: from natural materials such as clay, stone, wood and woven fibers up to steel. At the end of the exhibition, the Mercearia (grocery shop) is recreated, to highlight to which extent the traditions of the 19th century countryside are recovered in contemporary design.