A project by Isay Weinfeld with Portobello, Casone Group, Mapei and Pietra Serena Group. Cortile d’Onore - Università degli Studi di Milano

Through free-wheeling creative connections, seen as the key to working towards a future of regeneration, Isay Weinfeld tells us about himself, the things he likes in life and his vision of the world.

Isay Weinfeld. Ph. Alexandre Charro

Nestling in the Courtyard of Honor, the installation designed by Isay Weinfeld and created with a number of partners, including PortobelloCasone Group and Mapei, has the appearance of an minimalist wooden box plastered black. But the inside contains a highly evocative world that conjures up creative connections between the visual arts, cinema, music, dance, theater, literature and architecture, weaving together the threads of a personal narrative.

"I extrapolated from my affective, sensory and plastic store of memories a selection of pieces that over the years have given me inspiration, reflection, pleasure, nostalgia, joy", explains the Brazilian architect. “I would now like to share them, as an invitation and stimulus to visitors to freely design their own relationships. A way to encourage creativity projected towards a future of regeneration".

Twenty-two panels three meters high with different geometries, composed as double-sided backdrops covered in polyphonic materials and colors, lined with exhibition niches lit by carefully calibrated lighting, are enough to create an immersive and experiential journey outside the box.