A project by Andrea Branzi with Porro. Loggiato ovest - Università degli Studi di Milano

Clean and modular shapes form a bookcase where various second-hand objects are exhibited. A poetic, simple and immediate narration, where design supports everyday life.

Andrea Branzi

The installation created by Andrea Branzi with Porro is located in the Loggiato Ovest. As the designer explains, the place had a direct influence on the development of the project: “The Statale University is housed in the former Cà Granda hospital, designed by Filarete, who introduced Renaissance in Milan.

Over the centuries, it acted as a shelter during the great plagues, and now hosts design in the landscape of the pandemic’s aftermath in the city”. Hence the idea to create a large white bookcase, 14 metres long, defined by essential geometrical lines and enlivened by colour. A project conceived to exhibit some everyday objects restored and painted in bright colours: from simple cans and tins to water or detergent bottles.

This is how Andrea Branzi, one of the leaders of the Radical movement and of neomodern design, describes his work: “On the clean and modular shapes of my bookcase there are everyday objects and a few rare skulls. The elegance of design supports the normality of life”.