A project by Lissoni Associati for Amazon with Iliad e Sony. Cortile della Farmacia - Università degli Studi di Milano

The project by Lissoni Associati, curated by the partner and senior designer Francesco Canesi Lissoni, for Amazon with Iliad and Sony, draws inspiration from the Italian maze gardens. It consists of curved walls shaped like an arrow and covered in mirrored aluminium, distributed inside the area of the Cortile della Farmacia.

Francesco Canesi Lissoni. Ph. Veronica Gaido

Made in four different heights, these mirror walls reinterpret the company’s Smile but also recall Piet Mondrian’s abstract trees, thus hinting at the values of the environmental commitment established by Amazon with the Climate Pledge, co-founded in 2019 with Global Optimism and now shared by more than 200 companies, whose objective is to reach zero CO2 emissions by 2040, 10 years before the Paris Agreement.

In this path, and under the portico, a selection of products available from Amazon.it can be discovered like statues, each on a pedestal, including home furniture and accessories, for which more information is available by scanning the associated QR codes. In the exhibition area, videos and installations show the substantial changes made by the company along its entire supply chain: from the supply of renewable energy to the electrification of delivery fleets, the elimination of excess packaging and actions for the preservation of green areas.