A project by Pininfarina Architecture with Higold Group. Outdoor Lounges - Università degli Studi di Milano

Giovanni de Niederhäusern

Pininfarina Architecture has conceived two comfortable points for relaxation as an invitation to think about the relationship between outdoor and indoor spaces in the house, which has always been changing and, in recent years, has even been upended.

Located at the corners of the main lawn of the Cortile d’Onore, opposite from the main entrance, the lounges designed by Pininfarina Architecture offer visitors two spaces for relaxation and contemplation. The furniture, defined by sinuous lines, minimalist shapes and contrasting materials, belong to an iconic, Pininfarina designed serie manufactured by Higold Group: Onda.

Armchairs, sofas and support points, oriented in different directions, stand out on a platform characterized by the flooring, made with the I Cocci collection by Ceramica Fioranese: a high-performance porcelain stoneware, extremely versatile and produced with a high content of recycled material. This lounge is completed by a metal border, make by Nieder, which frames and connects in a single system the horizontal ceramic surface and the luminous sloped surface.

Lastly, the backdrop with an irregular profile, placed behind the seats, symbolises the separation between indoors and outdoors. The project analyzes the changing relationship between indoor and outdoor environments and offers a hybrid, versatile place that goes beyond the rigid conventions of space and includes furniture and finishes that belong to different worlds: the home and the garden. The installations are ideally connected by means of two luminous elements, mutually reaching towards each other, made in partnership with Zumtobel Group.