Design Talks

Architecture and shared spaces

April 16 2021
LIVE TODAY FROM 6:30 pm | The elevator is undoubtedly the ‘machine’ that more than all others has conveyed a sense of novelty in architecture. It has been the symbol of modern housing, as well as an indispensable factor for the vertical growth of cities in the 20th century. Fashions and styles have dictated its look and character, while technology has defined its functions, based on constant research and progress. Thanks to its identity as a space capable of crossing other spaces and connecting them, the elevator has stimulated the imagination of filmmakers and writers. But it is often also a neglected, aseptic place, a ‘non-place’ as Marc Augé would put it, and in the Covid era it is avoided as a location of possible contagion. To rethink places apparently lacking in strong semantic value represents one of the missions of the new contemporary world. Speakers: Giulio Cappellini designer and art director Laura Castelletti Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Culture, Creativity and Innovation, Municipality of Brescia Carlo Colombo architect and founder studio A++ Michele Suria CEO IGV Group Moderator Patrizia Catalano journalist