Design Talks

Digital Art + Arts and Crafts. For a contemporary aesthetic

April 17 2021
We are in the midst of an accelerated process moving in the direction of new styles of living and working. A behavioral revolution that relies on innovative, high-performance technological tools while taking into account the need to safeguard the environment in which we live, without damaging as in the past. In what has been defined at the age of ‘immateriality,’ industrial design takes new energy from art and craftsmanship, returning to its status as a strong point for companies and creators. Talents in the Digital Arts and gurus of Arts and Crafts program the aesthetic of the rebound. The hybrid values of this historical period are a mixture of technology, nature and culture. Speakers: Giacomo Garziano architect and  founder GG-loop Marcantonio designer Marco Morandini curator Visionnaire Roberto Ruffoni Design Research Manager, OPPO London Design Centre Moderator:  Carlo Biasia, architect