Design Talks


April 14 2021
LIVE TODAY FROM 6:30 PM The home has forcefully returned to the center of our lives. Social istancing, forced coexistence, the hybridization of environments as multitasking spaces have led us to reflect on what innovations will be in the places of living. There is an urgent need to live well at home, determined by a greater awareness of who we are and what our role on the planet is, which we have abused. The house is therefore intended as a training ground for activities and thoughts that affirm the meaning of our being 'here and now'. Exploring the philosophies of life and the use of advanced technologies, the knowledge of new frontiers of nutrition and the care of the spaces in which we live. For an all-round well-being. Speakers: Cristiana Catino, architect and founder of ACC Naturale Architettura Paolo Lioy, CEO of Whirlpool Italy Andrea Maragno, JOEVELLUTO Studio designer Chiara Pavan and Francesco Brutto, chef from Venissa, Mazzorbo (VE) Moderator: Donatella Bollani, architect and journalist