The renovation of three private homes in the green countryside. Ceadesign enriched their bathrooms

Geometry and linearity, simple and essential forms chase each other in the architecture and interiors of 3L Residence, a project by Sofiia Zhurko Interiors &Architecture with Olena Oliinyk involving the renovation of three private houses in the village of Plyuty, in the Kiev region of Ukraine.

Dynamism and functionality

The client's request was to meet the needs of modern life in a country architecture in which dynamism and functionality of the spaces, blending with natural light and the surrounding landscape, become a distinctive character.

Architecture at the centre

Each individual residence is developed on one level, with a large living and kitchen area with dining area, lounge with outdoor pool, three bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and wardrobes, a large study and rooms for service personnel with separate entrances.

Different finishes

The interior design provided for the characterisation of the rooms through wall decorations with different finishes: quartzite and marble panels in the living room and master bedroom with walk-in wardrobe, illuminated by large windows to the south and east; a bas-relief characterises the kitchen, a unique work by Ukrainian master craftsmen.

Large panoramic windows

Natural light is such a design priority of the architecture that masonry walls are reduced to a minimum, and as much as 70 per cent of the living area is screened by large panoramic windows.

Precious bathroom environments

The elegance of the Light Gold finish of Ceadesign taps and accessories enriches the bathroom environments of this architecture, through the Milo360 tapware, the Equilibrio electric bathrobe warmer, the Ste05XS toilet roll holder, the Free227XS jet cleaner, the PUL06XS hydroplate.

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Photos by Andrey Bezuglov