In Milan, in via Borgonuovo 5, there is a place destined to soon become a favorite place in the city: Moiré Gallery, born from Ouafa Tahoun's personal project which stages a harmonious dialogue between art, design and fashion

There is a new secret address in Milan, one of the 'right' ones, which few know and which is special also for this reason: a speakeasy-style place, which does not you see from the outside and that you reach only if you know.

It is called Moiré Gallery and more than just an exhibition space, as the name suggests: it is a place to immerse yourself in and find yourself, hours later, in one of the pieces told by Ouafa Tahoun, curator and creator of the project.

Moirè Gallery: art, design, fashion. A personal project

What welcomes you is not a shop window, nor a shop-style entrance, but an eighteenth-century building protected by the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, overlooking via Borgonuovo - at number 5 - with a traditional semi-hidden courtyard that guides the visitor inside a context typically reserved for homes or the most exclusive showrooms and offices in the city.

A space chosen to well represent the values of the project: elegance and care.

Moirè Gallery is the personal design of Ouafa Tahoun, who, having reached an interesting turning point in her career in the world of luxury retail, has chosen to give shape to what has always it was his creative, curatorial, expressive dream: to shape a container dedicated to his passions, fashion, art and design, in which to concentrate a selection of significant pieces resulting from research and dedication. The result was a space dedicated to beauty,.

Once you cross the threshold of Moiré Gallery, you find yourself immersed in a warm family environment (which, moreover, is confirmed by the locking of the entrance door, a symbol of privacy and exclusivity) in which you can be intrigued by the dialogue between works created by Ouafa, depending on the guiding theme of the exhibition.

Among designer elements, high fashion items and unique pieces (of clothing as works of art), everything on display is for sale, but above all it comes from meticulous research by the curator , who personally selects and sources what is proposed.

Moirè Gallery: a female project, between curatorship and heart

At Ouafa Tahoun you can become curious, but also relax. The dominant mood is in fact the one that fits well with these first cold days: Moirè Gallery is the perfect address for an afternoon of richness of soul.

The heart is there, and you can feel it. The curation is clear, you can observe it but, above all, you can have the person who created the project personally tell you about the meaning of what you observe.

True Blue: a story of devotion

After the first exhibition experience, inaugurated at the end of 2022, with the exhibition Nobody said it was easy (no one ever said it would be easy, ed.) Moirè Gallery now proposes a new installation strong entitled: True Blue, on stage until the end of November 2023.

A claim that can simply mean the trace of color that characterizes the entire proposal, but also take on a profound meaning that in some way lends its hand to the first concept proposed: True Blue, in English, also translates as 'extremely faithful' to one's goals, in this case. Natural continuation for a woman determined to leave no room for doubt, after the first experience called Nobody said it was easy.

The curatorial theme emerges from the entrance of the apartment/show-room, painted blue for the occasion and set up to host a delightful welcoming ritual with a pure rose water that Ouafa recovered from a Moroccan company that produces it locally.

The theme of blue, around which the entire exhibition revolves, is a clear homage to two declinations of the curator's personal experience: her career in the world of fashion (with the iconic blue of the enchantingJardin Majorelleof Yves Saint Laurent's villa in Marrakech) and his Moroccan origins (he actually told us how the city of Chefchaouen, also known as 'blue city' was painted this tone years ago to keep away insects that would otherwise be a nuisance to local trade).

"Blue is my color of choice. It is a highly symbolic color that represents reflexivity, harmony and balance" says Ouafa Tahoun.

Seats by Eco Parisi and original egg cups by Fornasetti from the 1950s, a plate by Hermes, a Gucci service designed by Tom Ford, a Alberello floor lamp byStilnovo, original lanterns by The Mamounia. But also books and manuscripts, jewelry, brands and contemporary artists, including the interesting Sardinian painter Simona Tavassi, the artists Tita and Camelia Tutulan.

The symphony between icons and contemporary pieces of rare beauty is summarized in the research that Ouafa conducts day after day (in fact, the display can vary and is always updated).

Remarkable and steeped in culture, the artisanal carpets of Casa Amar, unique pieces handmade by women who work in the inland areas of the Morocco region and who make the art of manufacturing their profession. Mostly made of wool - processed, recycled, homemade - they are non-replicable pieces, available with classic and or more contemporary designs. The double-sided carpet is intriguing and can be used differently depending on the seasons.

At Moirè you can also find works by international artists and world icons such as Arnaud Nazare-Aga, Felipe Cardeña and Andy Warhol from the Deodato Arte collection.

Moiré Gallery: overlaps and connections

Each piece, from Moiré Gallery, seems to have established a connection with the rest of the proposal. The very name of the Gallery is a trait d'union between the three protagonist worlds.

'Moiré', in fact, is a term that is found in all three fields: art, fashion and design.

In fashion, it is a type of single-colour fabric with a surface with a wavy and furrowed effect like the veins and streaks of marble, which gives a shiny and silky appearance, and then the iridescent effect which characterizes ancient brocades and silks, to contemporary interpretations that range from sofas to carpets, passing through wallpapers; up to the world of art where the 'Moiré effect' refers to a particular optical phenomenon created by the overlap of two or more grids, which gives rise to flickering and interference visual.

Defined as kinetic art or optical art, the first research on the possibility and ways of reproducing movement through optical effects can be traced back to the first half of the 19th century onwards.

Beyond the setup

As mentioned at the beginning, Moiré Gallery is a story space, which goes far beyond being a simple exhibition place.

In fact, from time to time Ouafa organizes exhibitions, vernissages, events and meetings with artists, exhibitions, book talks and much more. They are events to be attended by invitation only, opportunities for discussion and connection that enhance the great absence of the century: human relationships.