For the facades of the Hikari complex in Lyon, Kengo Kuma has chosen AGC's SunEwat XL glass which offers cutting-edge solutions in terms of energy saving and performance

The architecture of a building, especially the facades , play a crucial role in determining the aesthetic effect of a design intervention in the urban environment in which it is inserted. But not only. Building constructions must meet environmental regulations and standards that require ever more stringent efficiency requirements, as well as minimizing costs .

To meet all these needs, the Active Glass business unit of AGC Glass Europe has developed the range of glass SunEwat which offers cutting-edge solutions for facades in terms of energy saving and performance, combining high quality, sophisticated design and performance.

The innovative product line was chosen by the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma studio to create the facades of Hikari - in Japanese light - the mixed use and positive energy complex, configured as a block, designed in Lyon.

High performance glasses developed ad hoc

The range of SunEwat glass - developed for use in facade, sub-window, cladding and other applications - has recently expanded thanks to the collaboration with specially selected partners of excellence, such as Physee Technologies, Sonnenstromfabrik, SolTech and Solar Visuals.

Art component and intelligent management

The Vision (Square and Stripe) and SmartSkin lines are part of the new SunEwat facade range. The first offers elegant solutions that optimize the use of green energy and at the same time preserve the transparency and the functionality of the glass, allowing architects and designers not to give up the artistic component applicable to the surface. The second is a dynamic facade innovation developed by Physee Technologies that integrates photovoltaic and 'learning'  within the within a intelligent building management system.

Sub-window solutions

The SunEwat range is completed by the Stopray Active, Artlite Active and Lacobel T Active in which the photovoltaic cells are completely hidden by the coating, by a layer of paint or by creative designs, enhancing the aesthetic result of the project and at the same time ensuring a optimal energy production and shorter recovery times.

Artlite Active, developed in collaboration with Solar Visuals, is an innovative solution that allows you to customize the coated surface with infinite possibilities in terms of images, colors and prints. Lacobel T Active, on the other hand, is characterized by the high quality glossy paint that hides the photovoltaic cells and gives the glass maximum uniformity from the point of aesthetic view. It is also possible to combine Stopray Vision window coverings with Stopray Active, a 'active' sub-window that allows optimal production of energy and a homogeneous appearance.

Glass as the material of choice for modern architecture

Offering a range of high quality products able to meet the needs of the residential and commercial contract construction sector (information at site dedicated to glass for building), AGC Glass Europe demonstrates - with the facts - that performance combined with refined aesthetics make glass the material of choice for modern architecture. Especially for the most prestigious and at the same time environmentally friendly projects such as Hikari in Lyon, signed by Kengo Kuma & Associates.