Design, innovation and recyclability: new frontiers for increasingly green lighting

The definitions 'ecological' and 'sustainable' do not necessarily coincide with a product, but rather represent the set of characteristics that allow the product itself to contribute to reducing negative effects on the planet, thanks to intrinsic qualities it must possess, such as compliance with energy efficiency standards, choice of sustainable energy sources and selection of the materials used.

A preliminary reflection

"This is the preliminary reflection behind the design of Air, a concept that transcends product categories and solutions to favour a holistic meaning of sustainability, in which every aspect of the product's life, from the production process to the packaging, contributes to reducing its impact on the planet," says Massimo Brigandì, Contardi's General Manager. A pendant lamp with contemporary lines, Air is characterised by Adam D. Tihany's simple, refined design that blends with Contardi's sartorial approach, functional-aesthetic code, attention to sustainability and technical know-how. Air mixes design quality, cutting-edge technology and a green philosophy that qualifies every component of the product, exploring in depth the concept of conscious lighting.

Inspired by air

And then there is air as inspiration. The invisible and intangible element we breathe, primordial energy without which there would be no life. It lies between heaven and earth, the point of contact between spirituality and matter. It allows breathing, the union and reunion of man with his ancestral nature. "Air as inspiration for product design is a vast and elusive concept. Invisible, light and substantial at the same time, it is an essential element for life on the planet. Air, made of 100 per cent recyclable material, allows the air around it to flow freely through its artisitic cuts. The light sources give the perception of floating both upwards and downwards, reminding us that light is perhaps the only matter that escapes gravitational laws,' Tihany explains of the lamp.

A circular process

Air's suspension body is made of Green Cast®, a 100% recycled and recyclable acrylic material, obtained from end-of-life products, industrial processing waste and reused through a circular process. A material that can be recycled an infinite number of times and never loses its aesthetic, mechanical and thermal qualities. The support of the diffuser and of the two lampshades, whose parabolic structure responds to the desire to transform the luminous body into a functional, elegant and decorative furnishing object, is a material whose use allows for a reduction in the quantity of raw materials used during production. Not only that, the cream-coloured finish is created during the process of creating the material itself to further reduce the environmental impact generated by the lacquering phase: a true eco-sustainable construction decoration.

Innovation in the production process

Light emanates through the dense pattern of laser cuts engraved on the lampshades, projecting fascinating plays of light and shadow onto the surrounding surfaces. Thanks to the double emanation system, upper and lower, the LED source diffuses a warm and enveloping glow. Air expresses in its purest essence the archi-decorative quality of Contardi's products, combined with the company's tension towards product and process innovation, with a commitment to reducing material waste through lighting with a high creative coefficient and low environmental impact. Air is available in two sizes: Air So W 1000 mm, H 360 mm, Weight 10 kg; Air So Small W 750 mm, H 360 mm, Weight 9 kg.