Greater compositional flexibility thanks to the expansion of tactile and colour finishes

Arrital expands the range of finishes of Ak_04, a kitchen designed by Franco Driusso: the main topic of the collection is greater compositional flexibility due to the increase in porcelain stoneware finishes for fronts and tops, to create even monolithic compositions, and the expansion of the wood, lacquer, Fenix decorative and glass ranges.

Innovation and research

Companies usually expand their product range to better meet market needs. In short, the characteristics of a product are increased in relation to customer expectations. Some companies, however, go beyond simple marketing rules, pushing the quality accelerator. They focus on innovation and research of both the product and the production process, through new functions, new services. This is what Arrital has done with the new Ak_04 kitchen finishes.

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Living space and kitchen merge

News also in the choice of complements dedicated to the living area such as, for example, the Kontena sideboards, the Vertical bookcase and the Gem display cabinets that allow the living and kitchen space to merge through combinations and finishes with an aesthetic and functional design.

Accessories also richer

Arrital's Ak_04 kitchen is enriched not only in its finishes but also in its range of accessories: the Toah table covered in 18 stoneware finishes on a glass support, the Fly Box complement for better access to the corner base units, and the cantilevered snack tops with concealed supports and Focus On LED lamps for precise and dynamic lighting in the work area.

Lightness, solidity, reduced thickness

The extruded aluminium frame with integrated handle, designed without visible joints and protected by an international patent, remains the key element of the project due to its lightness, solidity and reduced thickness. Designed to support multiple materials, it guarantees constant product innovation, confirming itself as an open project characterised by the exclusivity of materials.