In Catania, the restyling project of Villa F highlights the tailoring of the Ak_07 kitchen system, experimenting with interactions between white and natural light

The design process is not always linear: on paper, one starts from the architectural project to arrive later at the interior design project, but sometimes the choice of materials, furnishings, and accessories manages to guide not only the interior design project but also the architectural one. Designing in continuity between architectural choices and furnishings and accessories that organise spaces was the winning choice for the restyling of a house in Catania, whose kitchen was dressed in the ethereal minimalism of Ak_07 by Arrital.

Harmonising architectural and interior design project

Spacious, light-filled rooms and double-height ceilings that let natural light flow freely harmonised with the restyling project by the architectural firm Andrea Abbadessa and Salvo Maccarone, who chose the Arrital model for the kitchen area.

Neutral nuances

The star of the villa is the living area, an open space overlooking a large garden and bordered by large windows that let in natural light. At the base of the project, the desire to unite the kitchen area with the furniture inspired by neutral nuances.

Creativity and tailoring

"An artist and his creativity can be a great challenge," explains Salvo Maccarone, "but we have been able to meet every request thanks to the sartorial approach that characterises Arrital design and the synergy with the architecture studio.

Ode to minimalism

Elegant and minimalist, the Ak_07 kitchen by Arrital is the protagonist in the finishes Brushed Chestnut Royal, Lacquered Oxidised Brass and Lacquered Sand Almond. A combination of materials capable of reflecting the light from outside and amplifying the natural brightness of the white walls and furnishing accessories. An intervention that is an ode to minimalism, in which white becomes the canvas through which to find inspiration.