The Group acquires the former Jesse plant at Francenigo di Gaiarine in the Treviso area

The Alf Group (Alf DaFrè, Valdesign Cucine and Alf Italia), today an international group led by a management that has maintained, over the years, the vision and work ethic of its origins, was founded as an artisan business in the 1950s in the Treviso area, a territory linked to woodworking. The Alf Group's entrepreneurial adventure has continued to enhance the group's identity, strongly rooted in the territory, based on artisan tradition, technological innovation and stylistic research dedicated to contemporary lifestyle.

Strongly Italian identity

An all-Italian identity, a substantial and distinctive strong point of the Alf Group, which has kept the entire production chain in the Treviso area: 150 thousand square metres of production space divided between the three sites of Francenigo di Gaiarine (Alf's historic headquarters), Vallonto (which houses the Valdesign production area), and Cordignano (home of the Alf DaFrè showroom and Sistema Uno production site): an industrial 4.0 sector equipped with advanced production planning and monitoring processes that allow the entire supply chain to be managed, from raw materials to the finished, customised product.

Close relationship with the territory

Today Alf Group takes a further step, strengthening its relationship with the territory: the acquisition of the former Jesse factory, the first furniture company founded in Francenigo di Gaiarine in the 1920s. The original factory, designed and built in 1968 with avant-garde techniques for the time on an area of 83,000 m2, was a technological reference point for companies in the sector. In 2008 the complex was the subject of an architectural intervention by Mario Mazzer Architects to create a new showroom. In 2011 the Jesse family was succeeded by the Mezzalira group, which continued the production of furniture in the historic factory, maintaining the Jesse brand. Closed in 2021, the factory has remained unused for the past two years.

Recovering an existing structure

Several reasons guided the decision to purchase disused facilities. Firstly, the desire to maintain and strengthen interaction with the social and productive fabric of the area. Secondly, the desire to preserve a significant memory of local productive activity. Lastly, the possibility of acquiring new spaces with an operation that is attentive to sustainability according to the Alf Group philosophy, recovering, without building more land, an existing structure that is functional and can be converted into a state-of-the-art facility. In the immediate future, conservative work is underway to bring the building up to the standards adopted in other Alf Group plants. The aim is to have the site operational by the beginning of 2024.