The new French palette wood surfaces, developed by Piero Lissoni, express the results of Alpi’s experiments with colour

The continuous exploration of the expressive languages of wood is recounted in the new collection of Alpi wood surfaces, developed together with Piero Lissoni, with which the company presents the results of its research into the theme of colour. The new French palette collection is inspired by early 18th century French painting, where colours were often delicate, light and not without a bold touch of luminosity. A project that takes colour research to a higher, or perhaps it would be better to say more precise and refined level, telling of the company’s profound sense of material and the fruit of the encounter between sartorial attitude and aesthetic culture. Each colour is the result of a careful study during which Piero Lissoni, together with Alpi’s technical department, has measured and calibrated every single nuance to achieve the desired effect. A palette of soft but strong colours, ranging from evergreen shades to more sophisticated ones such as Teal Blue or Burgundy. A chromatic path characterised by great refinement, thanks to Piero Lissoni’s unique ability to select the right shades from a palette, never predictable.

French Palette by Piero Lissoni

At a glance

What is it?
It is a decorative surface made of composite wood. Alpi wood is aimed at large companies in the luxury, automotive and nautical sectors as well as in the furniture and architectural industries.
What its design concept?
French palette investigates the multiplicity of expressive languages of wood, going beyond its natural identity through the theme of colour.
How and where is it manufactured?
Production takes place in the company’s factory in Modigliana, through a process that flakes the wood, dyes it by immersion and, by overlapping the sheets, recreates a new trunk that can be designed.
What makes it special?
The new collection reinterprets the wooden material by proposing new shades. Delicate and sophisticated colours, with a precise inspiration in the history of art, obtained through indepth research conducted by the company together with the designer.
In the designer’s own words
The new colours designed for Alpi are very modern, but at the same time ancient. I treated the wood as if it were a fresco, we went from the painting of the Age of Enlightenment and the French iconography of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, but first I stopped to look at the paintings of Veronese and Titian. They are hieratic colours and at the same time express a great modernity.