A joy of living inspired by respect for wood and craftsmanship in the Spanish brand's 2024 collections

"We create universal, sustainable and democratic products for people's well-being together with architects and designers". Andreu World's mission statement says in a few clear words everything there is to know and imagine about a brand born from a passion for wood worked with high craftsmanship.

Design and architecture are the Spanish brand's companions in the construction of a catalogue that focuses on a contemporary, rational and, at the same time, decidedly sophisticated aesthetic.

2024 the year of the outdoors

For Andreu World, 2024 is the year of the outdoors: expanded collections, more and more research into the intelligent use of certified natural raw materials and a design attitude that brings indoor quality to open-air furniture for residential and contract spaces. Comment from Andreu World: "The starting point is a Groucho Marx phrase: 'Happiness is made up of a few things: a small boat, a small villa, a small fortune'. We would also like to add the pleasure of a small, or large, outdoor space'.

Design between play and project

Continuing the exploration of the inspirational themes of the new Afuera and Nilo collections, the brand also cites Charles and Ray Eames, masters of the joy of living design as a life-enhancing discipline in the subtle balance between play and design. To which we must now add sustainability and an urgent need to spend more time in the open air and find a more spontaneous and profound connection with nature.

A modular collection

Afuera is a modular collection, designed to fit freely into the space. Andreu World showcases all its manufacturing expertise and interest in Japanese craftsmanship techniques. The Iroko wood seating structure is the solid base for generous upholstery, with that touch of luxury that emphasises the relationship of continuity between outdoor and indoor to create a true outdoor living room.

Essential, linear forms

Nilo is equally inspired by the essential and linear aesthetic codes of Oriental design. The materials are chosen to be used fearlessly in the open air: they drain water and humidity quickly to become perfect again without the need for complicated maintenance. Here too the design choice is based on the concept of modularity, to build open-air corners in every volume of space and to imagine a living room surrounded by a lush summer garden.

Andreu World at Milan Design Week

From 16 to 21 April in the Milan showroom (Via Alessio di Tocqueville, 14) the brand presents its new 2024 designs. On the calendar are exclusive events with international designers: Patricia Urquiola: news designs 2024 - 16 April - 5.30 p.m.; Benjamin Hubert: news designs 2024 - 17 April - 6.30 p.m.; Circular design and positive impact: round table - 18 April - 6.30 p.m.