The system designed by Giulio Iacchetti today also in the Angie Wall version

There is coat hanger and coat hanger. There are those with a classic wooden structure, mobile and in the shape of a hanger to hang a jacket or other items of clothing. And then there is Angie Wall born from the creativity of Giulio Iacchetti to tell in a different way an object strongly sedimented in the collective imagination, formally and immediately resolved in its simple function of use.

“With the Angie project for Toscanini”, Iacchetti says, “I wanted first of all to tackle a system issue”. This line is dedicated to the world of hospitality, where hangers are usually an integral part of wardrobes equipped with impractical and very unsightly anti-theft systems. Instead, the peculiarity of the Angie model is the possibility of separating the hook, which hangs on the wardrobe rod, from the structure of the coat hanger with a "magnetic" rotation, allowing for greater practicality in its use.

Passions are handed down. For a hundred years, the passion of the Toscanini family has been wood, the material from which clothes hangers and hanging solutions are born, objects in which design and function meet. In Isolella, in the green heart of Valsesia, ancient craftsmanship meets technology, the partnership of expert hands and advanced tools, creativity and industrial know-how.

The Angie system has now been enriched with the wall version, not only for the world of hospitality but also for the home. The small size and the essential design leave a contemporary and impressive graphic trace on the wall. Dimensions: Angie Wall, L54XP32 cm, equipped with 4 clothes hangers with rod, beech wood.