Anima Liquida, designed by Giorgio Rava, is the natural stone washbasin that dates back to an ancient ritual and triggers a sustainable thought

A washbasin like a real sculpture: in natural stone, with the technology - the tap - which disappears, becoming a cylindrical command also in stone. Anima Liquida is the creation of Giorgio Rava for antoniolupi that returns water to its natural path and blends the work of man and a profound reflection that involves rituality and sustainable thinking in a single artifact. We talked about it with the designer.

“More than an arbitrary choice, it is the consequence of a profound thought and a belief that carries with it a very precise vision of the world. Water is life, an absolute, primordial value, but despite this, contemporary man, increasingly abstracted from reality and detached from nature, believes that it is something taken for granted under the illusion of being able to control it. Liquid Soul was also born as a reaction to this trend and aims to be a manifesto, a reflection on water and man that brings back to the origins of life and reminds us of what we are made of. With this project I wanted to convey the vital value of this element by bringing the daily bathing ritual back to its ancestral value. Like a natural source, Anima Liquida is stone and water, nothing more. The technology is there but it is not ostentatious and romanticized, but hidden in the material, the function is preserved but becomes abstract, sculptural. The simplicity of the form hides within itself the infinite complexity of the universe ".

Talking about water also means talking about the waste of a fundamental resource. Is sustainability a goal that you kept in mind when designing Anima Liquida?

"I think that a fundamental theme such as that of sustainability must be understood not so much in the individual project and addressed from time to time, but rather in a profound and coherent worldview that permeates the entire work of a designer. As for me, if we talk about waste and sustainability, I think it is not only important to address the topic from a technological point of view, as required by the market and the world of current design, but it is also necessary to address the topic from the philosophical side. and cultural. The idea of ​​releasing water to rediscover its primordial value coincides in fact with the desire to transmit the absolute and vital value of this element which represents a precious gift for man that must be preserved and safeguarded. Opening the tap and seeing the water magically rise from the stone, transforms the automatism of the daily and repetitive gesture into an instant of infinite poetry thanks to which we acquire a renewed awareness and awareness of our actions and our impact on the world. The daily bath ritual becomes an act of reverence and gratitude, an absolute gesture, but one that brings with it a thousand-year measure and respect, which finally makes us feel part of the whole and that for this reason it must not be wasted ".

The Ceppo di Gré chosen for Anima Liquida is a very distinctive stone, with a strong architectural use: was this also a precise choice?

“As in all my projects, material and work are linked in an almost visceral way, so much so that it becomes impossible to establish a true hierarchy. Also in this case, the use of Ceppo di Gré, rather than another stone, was an instinctive choice intimately connected to the creative act of the project itself. Far from the contemporary practice through which the Ceppo di Gré, and more generally the natural stone, is used as a surface covering skin, Anima Liquida rediscovers the energy and archaic strength of the mineral element that resides in its totality, in its mass, in the depth of his soul. The charm of Ceppo di Gré, used in massello, lies in its being a heavy, primordial material, in which the echo of the mountains from which it is extracted and the waters of Lake Iseo in which it sinks reverberate. The stone material, even without the intervention of man, expresses an unequivocal thought and in this stone so harsh and changeable, but at the same time elegant and sophisticated, we rediscover the strength of the living rock, the silent mountain and its' liquid soul ' ".