The new Apice collection designed by Marcello Ziliani with recyclable and anti-waste materials

How does the bathroom change, between needs for well-being and comfort and the now unavoidable need for sustainability? An answer comes from Bossini, an excellence of Made in Italy with over sixty years of history, and from the latest collection of showers, shower heads and mixers, Apice, designed by Marcello Ziliani. In line with the domestic transformations of the bathroom environment, Apice offers a complete range of accessories and taps that focus on innovative shapes and materials specifically developed for this line. The showers are in fact characterized by a continuous texture in soft thermoplastic rubber and with a massaging effect in contact with the skin. The mixers have soaring lines to facilitate their activation, also possible with only the back of the hand, thus avoiding the grip and raising the level of hygiene and safety.

Apice by Marcello Ziliani for Bossini

Look, touch, feel are the words with which the designer Marcello Ziliani summarizes the collection. Essential lines born to be always up-to-date, innovative materials designed to last and new ways of use for a multisensory experience.

Not only that: Apice brings with it all the innovations in terms of sustainability that Bossini has implemented in recent years. All the materials used are recyclable and suitable for use in contact with drinking water, from thermoplastic rubbers to metal and plastic parts. The recyclability of materials extends beyond products to packaging, in cardboard or polymers. In terms of water saving, all products are equipped or prepared for use with flow reducers, ranging from 9 to 7 L / min depending on the products and standards / country.

For the chrome plating, the company uses an innovative process that also uses trivalent chromium (Chromium III Etch Free), and therefore totally free of hexavalent chromium, starting from the etching phase. The three chrome plating plants operating in the Montichiari and Castendolo production sites, certified according to the European Environmental Management standards and whose energy needs are entirely satisfied by cogeneration plants, represent the most advanced and functional that can be realized today for this purpose. The measures adopted ensure full respect for the environment, obtained thanks to a sophisticated closed-circuit water purification and recycling system - that is, zero discharge - and simultaneously responding to the need for constant treatment quality.

If sustainability is the prerequisite, Apice's objectives are well-being and comfort. For this reason, the multi-sensory dimension linked to water is central to the collection in which even direct contact with the skin becomes a sensation that elevates a daily action into a moment of well-being. And for this reason the surface of the diffuser is like a continuous texture, soft to the touch, composed of small pyramid trunks arranged orthogonally, so as to make possible, and desirable, a much more direct contact with the body, almost a massage tool, but also of scrub, both with and without water supply.