Craftsmanship and innovation for a quality service: switches, furnishing accessories and signage for hospitality and residential areas

Knowing how to reconcile the artisan and manufacturing traditions of a centuries-old history with modernity dictated by a constantly updated technological evolution is not for everyone. You need adaptability, strong roots in one's own history, always new ideas, ever wider horizons to reach. Apir is an artisan company based in Acquaviva in the Republic of San Marino, born as an engraver, with a strong family history now in its third generation. Since 1918, it has been designing, manufacturing and selling in Italy and throughout Europe furnishing accessories, accessories and electrical switches for hotels, apartments, villas and luxury offices, indoor and outdoor signage. The company's DNA has not changed over time, it has remained that of the original artisan engravers, when the laboratory supplied railways, private individuals and professional studios with brass plates, electrical switches and push-button panels. Over time, competence and quality of service have been developed in the production and supply of products, interfacing with the hospitality and residential sector, nationally and internationally.

Technology and dexterity

The constant research on the product and its applications, the evolution of shapes and finishes, the development of a personalized service, have allowed Apir to establish itself with products that have preserved the values of tradition, enriching them with advanced processing techniques. The spirit of craftsmanship lies in the ability to combine modern technologies with the contribution of manual skills, which was and continues to be fundamental, to offer quality product customization.

The relationship with the territory

An important factor for the company's growth was the relationship with the territory. When the Riviera Romagnola became an important tourist center, the company developed and consolidated on-site work, supplying the hotels of the Riviera, and then developed nationally and internationally, with a significant presence on European markets. Today Apir is the supplier of some of the most prestigious hotel companies in the world and is a partner in projects of internationally renowned architects and designers.

The customer at the center

Among the key points of the company strategy, the approach to the customer is fundamental: the ability to propose itself as a reliable project partner, able to provide solutions to market demands with the value of craftsmanship and competence and the strength of a service to 360 degrees, from the concept phase to research and development, from production to quality control, in packaging to logistics and installation.

Custom made collections

Custom made collections were created, dedicated to indoor and outdoor signage, furnishing accessories such as newspaper racks, umbrella stands, clothes hangers, suitcase racks, and a wide range of accessories (luggage trolleys, service trolleys, delimitation columns, accessories for reception and hotel management). And again, in a logic of constant innovation, a new collection of electric switches made by hand and customizable in finishes, materials and shapes.

The materials

Apir mainly works brass, but also stainless steel, aluminum and iron. The language of materials, satin finishes and a thousand shades of color, comes from the competence and familiarity with the material and from the knowledge of processing techniques.