Brian Sironi's hybrid system marks an important evolution for the bathroom

Hybrid is beautiful. Design evolves when it leaves behind qualms and casts and tries to go beyond the barriers of coded functionality. And it is precisely in this way, with a good dose of courage and without looking too much at the watertight compartments of the classic typological categories, that Apollo was born, the shower head that is also a lighting body. Light source and water source in a single system: an unprecedented combination in the name of antoniolupi that bears the signature of Brian Sironi, a designer who has always been careful to grasp the evolution of human behavior and to design in a way and with a personal figure that takes this into account. For this reason, in line with an evolution of the bathroom from a service area to a wellness area, Apollo is an activator of experiences that transforms the shower into a luminous rain that combines relaxation and visual comfort.

Materially, it is a linear configuration of tubulars made of brass. The shower heads are equipped with rain or nail jets. The LED lighting, aesthetically represented by a circular sphere, is equipped with an automatic ignition mechanism simultaneously with the water supply and delayed shutdown of 120 seconds. The collection consists of two ceiling models and a more iconic version, to be mounted on the wall, which resolves through the Y shape the different functions attributed to the three branches that make up the element: lighting, flow distribution water and wall fixing. Apollo is the result of advanced technological research that has allowed the miniaturization of the components to ensure the full implementation of the original idea characterized by pure shapes and minimal lines that play with the compositions of tubular shapes.

Brian Sironi, how did the idea of ​​combining light and water in a shower head come about?

"First of all, I would like to emphasize that antoniolupi was the forefather of the built-in shower heads with integrated light: the combination of light and water is a line of research that the company has started experimenting with since the Meteo collection. It came naturally to me to fit into this design trend and I tried to expand it. I therefore focused on the 'external' shower heads and found my way by creating a hybrid that synthesizes light and water in pure forms. Another piece of the story lies in my acquaintance with interior design: I often find myself developing empathy with the inhabitants of the houses I design and, looking at their experiences, I thought that the idea of ​​the light source could add a value of comfort. important to their daily life. The idea was therefore born both from a wide-ranging design vision and from a sort of constant research on users that I carry out in my experience as a product and interior designer ".

In Apollo there is no formal hierarchy between water and light, so much so that the space dedicated to the two functions is equal.

"Water and light are equally important, the two elements are born and coexist together: I imagined a holistic experience and this vision is manifested in every detail of the product. Apollo is a lamp and at the same time a shower head that is expressed in a linear configuration of tubulars that give new shape to water and light, renewing the experience of the shower through a primordial luminous rain that combines relaxation and visual comfort. In this way, the simple daily gesture of taking a shower acquires a different value and the entire bathroom becomes a place for well-being, similar to a spa, creating a small domestic luxury. To create this magical atmosphere, the integration of light and water is essential, which is why the name Apollo seemed perfect from the beginning. Apollo in classical mythology is not only linked to the concept of beauty, but also symbolizes the two fundamental elements, as the god of the sun born between the waves of the island of Delos. Light and water are summarized in a single mythological figure, just like in the collection created for antoniolupi ".

What references from the past did you keep in mind in this project?

“I didn't have any real references, but certainly some attempts made in the recent past of this type have inspired me. In fact, there had already been products that tried to combine light and water, but I didn't find them interesting essentially because they solved the light element by taking as a reference the shape of the old fabric lampshades, which was the formal paradigm of light most used in that period. Apollo, on the other hand, is the bearer of a new paradigm, it is a hybrid that synthesizes light and water in pure forms, where light is condensed into a luminous sphere and water is conveyed by simple tubes, it is precisely a different and more visual code contemporary with respect to past attempts ".