Style and design in the bathroom with solutions that allow an intelligent and functional use and enhance its character

The search for domestic well-being, in 2022, passes above all through the bathroom. Today the bathroom goes beyond the simple service space, becoming a multisensory experience, a space to be customized like the other areas of the house. For architects and designers it is stimulating to be able to count on unlimited tools and possibilities: from materials to finishes, accessories, technologies and compositional options capable of creating infinite different bathrooms. This is why it is essential to insert details that not only allow an intelligent and functional use, but also outline its character and style.

Details that make the difference

Aesthetics, attention to detail, quality are the values that guide Arbi Arredobagno in the search for an innovative design and in the proposal of original and made in Italy furniture for the bathroom. The Venetian company offers a wide range of solutions in terms of elegant furnishing accessories and design developed by the Meneghello Paolelli Associati and García Cumini studios.

Reed, Tokh, Chronos and Zeus are the collections of accessories available consisting of multifunctional aluminum bars, hangers, towel rails, toilet roll holders and toilet brush holders in white, gold, bronze, black and brill finishes, to coordinate with bathroom furniture.

A multipurpose bar

The protagonist of the Reed by García Cumini collection is the multipurpose horizontal bar, configurable according to taste and personal needs with hooks, shelves, object holders and backlighting light point. The finishes are brushed black or white aluminum with decorative band in oak, eucalyptus, elm, walnut, lacquered or with an interwoven texture.

The right balance

Massive blocks and subtle elements meet in the Tokh collection, also by García Cumini. It includes hangers, roll holders and towel holders with white, brushed black or brushed gold finishes with black ash or white Corian support.

Geometric lines

Chronos and Zeus are accessory lines with a geometric design designed by Meneghello Paolelli Associati: the first cylindrical and the second square, both are composed of hangers, roll holders, towel holders and brush holders, in aluminum and brushed black, brill and bronze finishes the first or in aluminum brushed black or brushed stainless steel the second. The products are designed to be used individually or in combination with the radiator proposals of the Ibra Showers program.