Minimalist Japanese aesthetics and warm Scandinavian interiors characterise the brand's new proposals

Fusing elements of Japanese minimalism with Scandinavian functionality. It is japandi style that combines the warmth and simplicity of Scandinavian design with the clean lines and attention to detail of Japanese aesthetics. Distinctive features are minimalism, use of natural materials (wood, bamboo, stone and paper) and neutral colours. The combinations proposed by Arbi Arredobagno to furnish the bathroom arise from this philosophy.

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Declining japandi style

The brand offers numerous alternatives for declining the japandi style in modern and elegant bathrooms. To create the right atmosphere, the Arbi Arredobagno compositions offer innovative washbasins with sophisticated shapes, tops in different materials, mirrors, spotlights, accessories and complements from the price list and the combination with shower cubicles, shower trays, freestanding bathtubs and radiator from the Ibra Showers programme.

Draw inspiration

There are several Arbi Arredobagno compositions to draw inspiration from, to immerse yourself in japandi style bathroom environments: Absolute #31 with a combination of light Portofino wood and matt Sambuco lacquer, while the shades of Cream Oak and matt Skin lacquer come together in the Code Wave #09 proposal.

Zen and modernity

An unprecedented concept of modernity characterises the Luxor #01 solution thanks to the combination of white Tekno Deimos and Oak Millerighe Crema; finally, the Sky #16 composition in Oak Essenza reflects an authentically Zen soul.

Freestanding bathtubs for every taste

A freestanding bathtub is a must in a Japandi-style bathroom. Among the models in the Arbi Arredobagno catalogue are Wanda, Roman and Solar, sculptures with soft, delicate shapes capable of enhancing any environment.