The new collection of design accessories and clothing was developed by Amdl Circle and Michele De Lucchi for the (fluid) working needs of designers

Multifunctional and captivating in its essentiality, Architect's Tools is the new collection of accessories of design and (unexpected) items of clothing practical and pragmatics', developed by young designers Amdl Circle, the multidisciplinary studio founded by Michele De Lucchi, for the needs fluid and propulsive of architects and designers.

Manual labor shapes thought

Dedicated to those who live and wear contemporary changing times, they are objects designed for dynamic, functional and casual use. The proposed style is trans-generational, inspired by the culture of the laboratory, where manual work gives shape to thought.

Design ethics and fluid functionality

Designed with a design ethic that excludes the superfluous, the A-Tools are designed for today's fluid environments, where workspaces are widespread and every place can become office or laboratory. A dynamic collection to move freely, dedicated to those who travel, discover and connect. A collection that gives life to a new kind of functionality.

Objects but also concepts

A-Tools are objects but also concepts that we choose to bring with us: a light that follows us; a stool which is also a small table, a hanger, and why not, a totem; a bag to hold pencil, square, compass together with the laptop and other digital tools; a jacket with pockets, mini and maxi, practical and essential for those who work with their mind and hands.

The printed Earth Stations

Printed on jackets and t-shirts, the images of the Earth Stations , the visionary architectures conceived as moments of reflection and exchange, convey the optimistic vision of the future of the Amdl Circle studio, known for its humanistic approach and continuous research aimed at improvement of the quality of life, physical and intellectual.

The creative potential of collaboration

The clothing collection was created with the support of Grassi 10000, a platform that revisits garments from the archive of a workwear company active since 1925 and uses them as the basis of a collaborative format with people and realities that share the same cultural and social values.

Leaving the comfort zone

The Architect's Tools collection designed by the young designers of Amdl Circle best expresses the potential of union and collaboration. “With this project we want to accept a challenge: get out of the comfort zone of architectural and design planning, expand our creativity” they explain . It's our way of having a conversation about the future: doing it spontaneously, together with different professionals and in unexpected places .

The collection will be available online on