The Veneto-based company, a leader in paint systems for professional construction, celebrates 85 years. With a new logo, actually two

Respect, persistence and dynamism are the pillars that uphold Ard Raccanello's corporate policy. Founded in 1939, the company, which is active in the production of paint systems for professional construction, is blowing out 85 candles this year. Dante Aurelio Raccanello began his business as a grocery store selling paints in the historic center of Padua; in the 1960s he moved the business to the city's new industrial area; and in the mid-1980s he set up AZ-Ard, the second tintometric system made in Italy that allows dealers to directly color enamels and paints, starting with base colors.

Attention to the environment

With the onset of the Third Millennium, attention to the environment grows: low-solvent products and the coatings system for insulating buildings, ideal for energy efficiency, are added to the range (interior and exterior paints, decorative paints, enamels, primers and protective coatings). In 2003 a new production hub, futuristic for the time, in Castelguglielmo (RO).

Innovative and sustainable solutions

Now in its fourth generation with Ceo Luigi Gorza, ARD Raccanello today stands for innovative and sustainable solutions that respect people and the environment, for quality construction in both restoration and interior design. "Within Ard Raccanello, ethical values, knowledge, experience, projects and the development of new ideas are shared, giving everyone a way to express themselves, grow and gain satisfaction from their work in the company," Gorza explains.

Re-branding operation

Among the projects and development of new ideas is the rebranding operation to update the historical logo. In the process of visual identity evolution, the logo for outdoor products (exterior), the rhombus with a little man painting inside, is differentiated from the logo for products primarily for indoor use (interior), a rhombus with an Indian man inside.

Renewing in tradition

The Indian from a character with a stern and austere gaze becomes a more familiar and empathetic figure who looks to the future with positive momentum and a green spirit. In the new figure, the graphic elements are more balanced and the color aspect is softened through the use of pastel colors and more harmonious hues. An evolution and renewal while keeping its roots in tradition, this is the goal of the major investment that sees the company as a leading player in the professional paint systems market with a special eye on interior design.

Commitment, professionalism, constancy

"The combination of tradition and innovation has distinguished us from the very beginning and has allowed us to grow over time through the commitment, professionalism and constancy that we carry out daily in all areas of the company. Today more than ever we live in an era characterized by strong dynamism, everything is marked by the speed and sudden change of global scenarios. In this context, it is important to focus on the continuous training of people, both for updating in the technological sphere and for the training of soft skills, which allow workers to adapt quickly to the changes of a more complex organization."