Specializing in wooden furnishings, the Venetian company Arte Brotto, together with its “sister” Foglie d'Oro which produces parquet, opens up to design. From the collaboration with Marco Piva the collections – Italian and at the same time cosmopolitan – Principe and Elementa are born

On the one hand, a famous architect and designer who likes to present himself as a traveler: an empathetic and curious explorer of geographical, but also conceptual spaces.

On the other hand, an Italian company, with over 50 years of history and international experience, capable of creating High-end wooden furniture that enhances the artisan tradition, thanks to the complete control of the supply chain that guarantees its quality but also respect for the natural ecosystem.

Read the collaboration between Marco Piva and Art Brotto as the encounter between two journeys, Italian and at the same time cosmopolitan that together give life to the Principe furniture collection. But that's not all.

Piva also meets Foglie d'Oro, the flooring brand of the Brotto. And it is a natural encounter, as natural as the raw material that seals it, wood, and natural are the shapes that inspire the parquet of the Elementa line.

The artistic and territorial inspirations

The neoclassical and sculptural harmony of Antonio Canova and the contemporary architectural vision of Carlo Scarpa.

Arte Brotto and Foglie d'Oro, “sister” companies of Rosà (Vi), a unicum of ingenuity and high quality whose center is wood, for their creations draw inspiration from the artistic heritage that characterizes the territory of this portion of < strong>Veneto, where, within a radius of a few kilometres, two provinces touch: Vicenza with Bassano del Grappa and Marostica and Treviso with Asolo, Possagno and San Vitus of Altivole. Countries and landscapes full of wonders.

A precious source of ideas from which to draw. In the production process, in fact, the love for soft forms and rigorous perspectives, harmonious dialogues and golden proportions are transferred, which combine to express the beauty, that of art and that of the territory.

Arte Brotto: a forward-looking entrepreneurial path

Founded in 1966 by Sante Giorgio Brotto, Arte Brotto is the company around which the Brotto family has built a forward-looking entrepreneurial path. A path that focuses on wood as a raw material and inspiration for an exclusive interior design and by its very nature sustainable.

Virtuous production processes, creativity, manual workmanship and 4.0 technologies: thanks to this know-how and these values, Arte Brotto offers furnishing systems capable of combining luxury and functionality.

A contemporary classic collection...

In over 50 years of history”, explains Luisa Brotto, CEO of Arte Brotto, our company has always managed to renew itself and bring the long tradition of luxury wooden furniture into the context and contemporary sensibility all over the world . In the meeting of real wood and design we discovered what we already knew: a universal language, not because it is the same everywhere and in any case, but precisely because it is able to intercept styles and also very different desires.

... with an international vocation

“The Principe collection is perhaps the clearest expression of this vision: thanks to the creative meeting with Marco Piva, we offer furniture capable of speaking in a new but coherent way to demanding markets with which we are already familiar for a long time; I am thinking of Russia, of China, but also of the United States and Europe.

Not only that: Principe, as a 'contemporary classic', also wants to resonate with new, now 'globalized' sensitivities: attention to the environment which in our case is guaranteed by a supply chain controlled at every step is an integral part of the concept of luxury that Principe represents”.

Prince for the whole house

The Principe collection offers a wide selection of furniture and furnishing accessories for the living area and the sleeping area, making available to interior designers and clients pieces of exquisite workmanship in which walnut wood, available in numerous finishes, is combined with leather and fabrics, metal elements or the transparency of crystal.

Gold Leaves

Brand of wooden floors of the Brotto family, Foglie d'Oro designs and produces entirely in Italy, in the Rosà headquarters, a wide range of floors with slats, herringbone and modules and stands out for its ability to create custom solutions.

Its dual nature – independent brand and design partner – allows Foglie d'Oro to work on important projects all over the world, in every field – residential, hospitality, contract – creating not only floors but, in collaboration with Arte Brotto, complete and made-to-measure environments.

The synergistic and virtual environment Wood Interiors

The strong synergy between the two brands of the Brotto family finds clear expression in Wood Interiors, a virtual environment full of content and information, designed to show what Arte Brotto and Foglie d'Oro can do together for architects and interior designers.

The Elementa flooring collection: a contemporary idea of sustainable luxury

The protagonist of Elementa, the collection designed by Marco Piva, is wood in its best essences, of which Foglie d'Oro knows every secret thanks to the complete control of the production chain, from the choice of the raw material directly at the source - European forests managed in a responsible and sustainable way, where there are owned sawmills - up to the installation on site, passing through a highly experienced technical office and totally in-house production, backed by a rich warehouse in terms of quantity and quality of timber.

Decorative patterns

The grain and peculiarities of the wood are the inspiration for patterns with a recognizable decorative impact: Eco, Ritma, Zago, Unda, Alveo, Regolo. Each module evokes suggestions that give life to different compositional possibilities, which in turn can be interpreted with material or chromatic contrasts, returning a surface that can also be embellished with inserts, available both with different wood finishes, and with metals and marbles, for original and sophisticated combinations, able to satisfy different living styles.