Study of materials, collaboration with universities and designers, and ties with the territory are the protagonists of the Tuscan brand's production and focus on sustainability

Artelinea was founded in Florence in 1962 from an idea of Marcello Gobbini who, then in his early twenties, was able to capture the ferment and enthusiasm of Italy's economic boom years and translate them into a business reality. Marcello laid the foundations of the glass industry that has become a leader in designer bathroom furnishings today, thanks to a number of factors, first and foremost his having been able to pass on passion and entrepreneurial courage to his sons, Massimo and Marco, the company's CEO and Sales Director respectively.

Research and production

Washbasins, tops, mirrors, containers and accessories are born from a consolidated process that sees, even before the design of a product, the study of materials. Artelinea has, in fact, established collaborations with the Chemistry Department of the University of Florence, with the Murano Glass School and with various researchers to achieve the best quality standard in each project. The products offered, therefore, are always of the highest quality and are largely made to measure, and each stage of processing - cutting, bending, grinding, melting, painting, laser processing on a cutting table of the latest generation - takes place in-house, under strict control. Even the furniture is entirely produced by the expert craftsmen in the joinery directly connected to the lighting department where the mirrors are mounted and the wiring is carried out.

Territory, sustainability, craftsmanship

Ties with the territory, environmental and social sustainability are other focal points for Artelinea: 'What makes Artelinea unique,' says Marco Gobbini, Sales Director, 'is the strong bond that unites our family to the territory: for over sixty years we have been drawing inspiration from Italian tradition and innovation to achieve ever higher levels of sustainability, in line with the craftsmanship that sets us apart.

A green company

There are three elements that make Artelinea a green company. Glass, the material around which the entire company project was born, is by definition recyclable and environmentally friendly. To ensure that its processing is too, Artelinea has embraced the zero-impact production economy model thanks to the total recirculation of production water and the use of water collected in rainwater tanks. Photovoltaic panels installed on 12,000 square metres of factory roofing are able to produce 80% of the energy needs and reduce the impact of processing on the environment. A box factory has been incorporated within the company, which makes customised packaging using 100% recycled cardboard.

Drive for innovation

From Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, the company has been able to take its sense of belonging, its taste for proportions, its respect for art and architecture and, undoubtedly, its drive for innovation. Glass, in fact, the protagonist material of Artelinea products, is continuously studied and elaborated to achieve new expressive forms. Among the latest proposed washbasins, for example, we find the Milano, Roma, Capri and Taormina models made both in crystal glass and in Opalite ®, an exclusive material born from the company's technological research, eco-sustainable and 100% recyclable, composed of a mixture of siliceous sand and other minerals.