The Fiorano Modenese company and the great designer dare new experiments with large formats and invent an unprecedented design abacus for the most sophisticated interior projects

There is a word that recurs more and more often to describe the attitude of contemporary design: it is challenging, an adjective that describes truly innovative projects, capable of broadening the perimeter of a product or material, expanding its meaning to the point of changing it. Challenging is the story of Atlas Concorde, a company from Emilia Romagna, ambassador in the world of that special Made in Italy linked to the production of excellent ceramic materials, which has managed to create a complete product system ranging from Atlas Concorde surfaces and wall coverings, to the large slabs for Atlas Plan furnishing to the porcelain stoneware elements for bathroom furniture of Atlas Concorde Habitat. A company that has contributed to enhancing the quality of the proposal, placing the accent over time also on XL formats, transformed into an architectural abacus at the disposal of the most sophisticated and complex interior projects.

A concept with great visual impact

On the occasion of the Milan Design Week, the large Atlas Concorde slabs became even more impressive and scenic thanks to the FUORISCALA Expanding Design Compositions project realised in collaboration with Piero Lissoni, who worked with the Fiorano Modenese-based company to give a new shape to its know-how and add new value to a tradition of excellence through a project with great visual impact.

Two perspectives on living

Atlas Concorde presented FUORISCALA at the exhibition space inside iSaloni in Rho, where the company was present for the first time, and at Atlas Concorde Studio Milano, the company showroom in via San Marco 12, in the heart of Brera. Inside the two spaces, FUORISCALA proposed to the visitor two different perspectives able to contaminate each other in order to emphasise the characteristics of porcelain stoneware, allowing the large formats to express their full potential. This interpretation of the large slabs made it possible to reflect on the primary forms of architecture which, like stage backdrops, enclose and give life to multiple contexts of use in which the materiality of porcelain stoneware is always the protagonist: kitchens, living and dining areas, bathrooms and spaces in the home dedicated to leisure time.

A game of reversals

FUORISCALA Expanding Design Compositions materialised in the space at the fair with a selection of surfaces developed on slabs of more than four metres, capable of offering architects and interior designers new design perspectives made of fluid spaces and environments, ready to change scale and configuration according to needs. FUORISCALA was also declined in the sculptural table, made with a mix of slabs, in a sophisticated game of reversals explained by Piero Lissoni as follows: "We have taken the concept of Atlas Concorde's large formats to the extreme through two installations in which unexpected elements play on the change of scale. A conceptual exercise where architectural shapes overturn to become products and vice versa, tables with a multifaceted shape that almost override the rules of making a real table".

Transparencies, geometries, reflections

At the FuoriSalone, at Atlas Concorde Studio Milano, the FUORISCALA Expanding Design Compositions concept was realised in the revision of the table concept, which gave life to two large-scale elements of an abstract nature characterised by prismatic shapes. Slabs, natural elements, transparencies, geometries and reflections are the tools that have projected the installation into a future dimension, giving a glimpse of new and extraordinary perspectives for the insertion of porcelain stoneware in new contexts capable of enriching contemporary interior design.