The Italian brand participates in the design of the world's first suspended swimming pool. In London, in the heart of the City

Floating, swaying, floating, swaying: in the absence of gravity one experiences weightlessness, a feeling of lightness, there is no more up and down, no more balance is needed to move. The architects of Arup Associates designed a visionary and daring swimming pool in London that would evoke the absence of gravity. Atlas Concorde helped shape this visionary project.

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Architecture that is beautiful to use

For Arup Associates, an architecture is beautiful if it is beautiful to use, the fact that it can be an opportunity for experience is more important than defining it according to aesthetic criteria. Through the continuous search for a challenge: never to be satisfied, try to raise the standard, look at the project and understand how to improve it.

The world's first suspended swimming pool

This is how Sky Pool Embassy Gardens, the world's first suspended swimming pool, came into being. At 25 metres, it connects the rooftops of two skyscrapers in the City of London. Atlas Concorde helped shape this visionary project. The collections, inspired by stone, surround the pool and define the boundaries of the terrace with a contemporary accent. Porcelain stoneware proved to be the right choice to combine design, technical reliability and performance.

The sky is the limit

The design of Sky Pool Embassy Gardens is essential and balances the monolithic strength of the structure: 15 metres of transparent pool suspended in the void. A project characterised by strong innovation today among the most iconic architectural signs on the skyline of the Nine Elms district in London, overlooking the Thames. The idea arose from the need to enrich the urban complex created by EcoWorld Ballymore, which already included a rooftop terrace with a hanging citrus grove, a private cinema and a gymnasium. The completely transparent swimming pool has become one of the hallmarks of contemporary London architecture.

Effective solutions

Arup Associates had to take into account the movements to which buildings can be subjected due to wind or small vibrations in the ground. The focus was on finding the most effective solutions to enable a three-metre deep pool with 375 tonnes of water to remain suspended in the void. Engineers and architects chose an acrylic frame 20 centimetres thick and a base just over 30 centimetres high as the solution, to date the largest freestanding pool structure in the world.

Wellbeing, safety, reliability

To complete the meeting between beauty and functionality, the choice for the finishing of the terraces was oriented towards Atlas Concorde stone effect porcelain stoneware surfaces. To integrate and respect the urban chic stylistic language of the rooftop, a chromatic palette of soft and desaturated nuances was chosen. Porcelain stoneware proves to be a high-performance solution in outdoor contexts: it is non-slip, easy to maintain and clean and therefore able to guarantee high hygiene standards, resistant to time, chemical and atmospheric agents and humidity and also suitable for areas around swimming pools.