A ductile material used as a material lens to interpret the habitat of emotions

Airy leaves, metals and precious woods from all over the world. Works of art created to embellish rooms and spaces with customised solutions. Made with special quality vitreous and transparent resins, guaranteeing the durability and resistance of smooth and compact surfaces: Azimut Design represents a 100% Italian production reality in which craftsmanship experience, technological innovation and knowledge of materials have been interacting for over 20 years in the pursuit of excellence for the design of customised spaces and furnishings. Resin is the material lens that the brand's two founding designers, Annalisa Lago and Francesco Benedini, have chosen to interpret the habitat of emotions. Their creations stand out for their three-dimensionality and transparency, conveying to the observer a unique and unusual sense of belonging to the materials.

A living room of elements

Azimut Design's headquarters are located in San Giovanni Lupatoto, just outside Verona, a living room of elements where the most original materials can be found, such as precious metals and woods, fabrics and fibres from all over the world. Experimentation with the chemical compositions of the resin has led the Verona-based brand to become known everywhere for its knowledge of the material and treatment techniques. The production process is very long and requires extreme precision: all materials are dipped into the transparent resin and, after a polymerisation process, are ready for the finishing and polishing stages.

Environmental choice

Respect for the environment is at the heart of every Azimut Design creation: the designers, aware of the ecological, social and economic importance of forests and on the strength of the PEFC and FSC certifications that the brand has acquired, guarantee that the wood used comes from sustainably managed forests. Recycling is also an important focus. This is confirmed by the brand's own creative concept, which elevates glass resin to the status of a 'time capsule', capable of ensuring each submerged material a new and lasting life cycle.

Important collaborations

If its craftsmanship has allowed Azimut Design to establish itself on the home furnishing scene, its multifaceted face and innovative approach to materials have sanctioned its major successes at international level with collaborations that see it as a production and design partner for important names in luxury and fashion. Among the most famous: Galeries Lafayette, Bottega Veneta, Nike.

Onset for Lupetta's Rooms

On the occasion of the last Milano Design Week, for the premiere of Lupetta's Rooms, Isabella Franco's architecture studio Lupettatelier chose the glass resin creations of Azimut Design, main partner of the event, to stage the suggestion of light under the artistic direction of Riccardo Benedini: Onset was not a simple room, but an event, a furnishing project born for one day only.

In the opening photo, Annalisa Lago, co-founder of the Azimut Design brand, among some pieces of the collection.