The company's history is one of Italian-made excellence specialising in systems that intercept living spaces with one eye on functionality and the other on refinement

Few things like doors manage to delineate unique new creative horizons for design, becoming the design lever that interprets the needs of contemporary living. "The reality in which we live has asked us to rethink living spaces," reflects Elisa Barausse, sales & marketing manager of the eponymous excellence, active since 1967 in the creation and production of interior doors 100 per cent made in Italy. "We have thus rediscovered all the potential that the domestic environment can offer: a rediscovered space to meet new needs. Fluidity and harmony guide the distribution of spaces in which to rediscover well-being". And in satisfying these needs, the door becomes a strategic element.

Craftsmanship and technology

Barausse's is a story of sophisticated correspondence between the company on the one hand and the taste and needs of those who live in the home on the other. The doors and wall systems translate and define the concept of privacy in concrete terms. They are much more than mere aesthetic furnishing accessories: they define space, design the layout, characterise rooms and adapt them to the needs of use. Processes that pass, precisely, through the enhancement of doors, an indispensable element of every interior. The Vicenza-based company specialising in the production of interior doors, boiseries and wall systems responds to these needs. That of Barausse is the story of a design driver capable of managing and solving the most sophisticated and complex interior solutions, a guide to overcoming critical issues in the design phase, going beyond the concept of the standard door thanks to valuable criteria that combine craftsmanship and technology.

At the service of contemporary living

"We make a product that evolves at the same pace as our culture," adds Elisa Barausse, "and therefore the way we experience spaces. We have therefore reworked the door product at the service of contemporary living: we outline solutions for separating spaces that allow and enhance the creation of fluid spaces'.

Overcoming dimensional limits

Barausse's offer (active in the construction of residential buildings, private villas, luxury hotels and public facilities), sliding, pivoting or folding systems satisfy the most diverse aesthetic requirements, leaving maximum freedom of composition through sophisticated design. Over time, the company has equipped itself with innovative technologies to make doors of ever larger dimensions, providing concrete answers to the demand for doors over 3.5 metres high and guaranteeing every form of opening: swinging, sliding, pivoting, folding. "Exceeding dimensional limits makes it possible to realise flush solutions, ideal for the creation of scenographic interiors. The height, besides being an aesthetic choice, is also functional as it makes the rooms visually and harmoniously connected'.

High levels of performance and privacy

Thanks to the technologies and accessories used in making this type of opening, elements are adopted that maintain the prerogative of high levels of performance and privacy, thanks to the use of movable thresholds, sound-insulating fillers and gaskets made from the best materials on the market.

Continuity: simple and refined

A clear example of how Barausse blends simplicity and sophistication is Continuity, a system that integrates closure solutions with boiserie panelling and furnishing elements: a natural transition from the so-called door system to the proposal of sliding systems, partitions, walk-in wardrobes, equipped walls and pivoting doors. Continuity aims to enhance the brightness and harmony of rooms, to maximise the light between spaces, juggling the wide range of finishes ranging from aluminium to marble, passing through leather, wood and glass with highly customised technological products.

Top photo: Continuity system, folding doors integrated in paneling.