Among the historical brands of design furniture, the Veneto-based company was relaunched at Milan Design Week 2022 with a catalog in which testimonies of the past and new concepts meet

Since its inception more than 50 years ago, BBB has been synonymous with design and innovation, aiming for affordable quality and offering a mix of ergonomics, materials research and comfort. The evolution took place by flanking the brand with the names of some of the most important designers and architects of different eras: Gio Ponti, Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Giandomenico Belotti, Giorgio Decursu, De Pas D'Urbino Lomazzi, Paolo Ferrari, Carlo Santi, and Vittorio Prato.

Testimonials of the past and new concepts

Over time, the company has continued to invest in research and innovation, activating collaborations with leading Italian and foreign designers. After several years of silence, thanks to the will of the new ownership, the brand was relaunched on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2022 with a catalog in which testimonies of the past and new concepts meet. The leitmotif, identified and curated by Professor Franco Poli and designer Serena Vinciguerra, is a reinterpretation of the accessible and quality design that has distinguished BBB production since its founding, and re-proposes classic pieces.

Authentic Italian style

"BBB was born at a time when design had as its mission the total transformation of the way of home living. Pure design is in its DNA, the masters who contributed to it are the best exponents of the world of true design. After half a century, this message is still relevant and proposes to today's generation the authentic Italian style, the one that made history and left a deep mark on everyone's way of living and thinking. Because true design is this: the transformation of a banal object into an innovative good that meets everyone's needs, possibly at low cost," explains propfessor Poli.

Anticipating the public's tastes

The collection brings together many of the great successes of Italian design in the world, with a modern-day reinterpretation of the masterpieces of the last century from the point of view of materials and production processes that are more sustainable and environmentally conscious. To these are added the new proposals that give life to a collection that can be traced back to the desire to be an interpreter of contemporary culture through a productive and stylistic coherence that is often anticipatory of the public's tastes.

Beauty is necessary

"In authentic design, decoration is unnecessary, even luxury is unnecessary if not even harmful. But beauty is necessary, vital if not even obligatory. Beauty is consistency of forms and materials in an unimpeachable language that says sublime things to real people who want truth. True design does not lie even if it plays with irony, even if it proposes useless machines; its program is to transform life into something better, more beautiful, easier, funnier and smarter ... and truer," concludes Franco Poli.

The new collection

During Milan Design Week 2022, reissues of the Gio Ponti 940 and 969 chairs, the Luigi Filippo table by Laudani and Romanelli, the Sapiens bookcase by Bruno Rainaldi + the Lux lamp by Edoardo Radice, the Venezia chair by Paolo Favaretto, and, among the new additions, the Plixy chair and the Neanderthal bookcase, both by Franco Poli, were presented at the HUS Milano flagship store in the heart of the Brera Design District.