The new collection by Carlo Colombo for antoniolupi, elegance and modularity to encroach on the living room

In the beginning it was the bathroom, a service environment that, over time, has become more and more emblematic of the contemporary home. Especially since, around the mid-eighties, it began to emancipate itself to become the space in which to stage the centrality of the body and self-care: in a word, the place of well-being.

In this evolution, made in Italy could not fail to play a leading role, focusing on design to generate aesthetic and sensorial experiences capable of satisfying the most diverse needs. Elegance and modularity are the characteristics of a winning combination that began almost twenty years ago and which is still going on, the one between antoniolupi and Carlo Colombo. Together, the Tuscan company and the Lombard architect and designer have been weaving since 2003 a thread capable of making the bathroom more and more protagonist, through furnishings expanded in materials and finishes to embrace the living area, to underline the living continuity between the bathroom and the rest of the house, in the name of refinement.

Bemade, the most recent modular system for furnishing the bathroom, designed by Colombo for antoniolupi, comes after the collaboration that gave life to the Materia 2003, Pantarei 2006 and Bespoke 2016 collections. anticipated the aptitude for compositions capable of molding themselves on the most refined needs and tastes, with its simple and linear shapes, thanks to essential elements in always different and personalized compositions able to dress even the living area. Today, Bemade is the coherent evolution of Bespoke, from which it inherits the purity of form and compositional flexibility, while respecting the rigorous and essential sign.

The evolution that led to Bemade lies precisely in the extremeization of the concept of the frame, as well as in the possibility of offering even greater chances of customizing the volumes to give further identity to the space, in a dialogue with the architectural elements of the bathroom and beyond. All Bemade cabinets and tall units are provided upon request with LED lighting inside the drawers, tall units and open compartments, with the particularity of placing the light at the bottom of the shelves, for a greater effect of depth. and elegance.

"With the Bemade collection, we have enhanced the rigorous perimeter of the piece of furniture that delimits the surface - explains Andrea Lupi, CEO of antoniolupi - the frame becomes the protagonist and enhances an image, a sign that expresses the creative rigor of man and enhances the sense of measure, the value of proportions, the intrinsic beauty of balance. I am always very happy to work with Carlo Colombo, together we have created extraordinary products that have made the history of bathroom furnishings, as in this collection where a graphic sign becomes a distinctive feature of the project to affirm a style, to design compositions made of full and empty spaces. , of refined chromatic combinations, reflections and plays of light and shadows ".

In addition to the finishes of the frames already available in Bespoke (bronze, titanium, zirconium and champagne), matt black, matt white and the possibility of painting in the antoniolupi color range are added in Bemade, in line with contemporary interior trends. To the wide range of door fronts (natural, smoked or bronze silvered glass, reflective glass, smoked or bronze etched glass, smoked or bronze transparent glass, natural or ribbed glass, lacquered as per our color samples), we also add essences wood and open compartments overlooking the living area.