Piero Lissoni's design enriches the monobloc system where an innovative material stands out with extraordinary aesthetic, hygienic, ecological and resistance characteristics

Research, experimentation, style. And great attention to sustainability. There is everything that the best design can bring to a home in Combine Evolution by Piero Lissoni for Boffi. In this recent evolution, in a linear version, of the Combine system, also signed by Lissoni, the monobloc structure of the kitchen is enriched with innovative elements and solutions, which expand the possibilities of composition and the versatility of the functions.

A connecting element is added to the three blocks for cooking, washing and preparation: a container in an open metal structure, which can be equipped with wooden drawers, which also acts as a support for a large snack table in solid wood with slats. The Inside System equipped channel can be integrated into the washing and cooking areas, protected by sliding covers, with housing for Inside accessories such as cutlery trays, knife racks, spice racks, cruets and concealed power sockets. In addition to the back-cooking hood with fully retractable down-draft function, the tops can integrate an elegant bar with full-length LED light, which can also be used as a ladle hanger or for other accessories.

The doors, increased in height (2 cm), accentuate the linear aesthetics and the perception of the blocks as elegant monoliths.

It is possible to create the surface of tops and doors in MDI (Mineral Design Innovation) by Inalco, a latest generation material developed in two colors as an exclusive for Boffi, with excellent performance: a composite of pure minerals, soft to the touch and with high aesthetic definition in the two colors Devon (light gray) and Surrey (dark gray). Hygienic, non-toxic and highly resistant, it is manufactured with highly sustainable methods and recycled materials, thus representing a doubly sustainable option, both because it is manufactured by recovering fragments of minerals discarded from other processes with a process that reduces CO2 emissions, and because its use requires less water.

Great attention to natural materials is instead that placed in Sloane, the handle recessed into the thickness of the door and designed to enhance the use of wood worked with exclusive treatments and stainless steel in new finishes. The Sloane compartment, with an elongated rectangular shape, can be covered with materials different from the finish of the facade, chosen to match the finish of the top or the edge of the door.

A solid wood door, for example, can have the handle finished in the same wood, or, in contrast, in stainless steel also in the special O_Steel finishes. Conversely, the stainless steel door in the various finishes can be combined with a solid wood handle or a metal handle in different finishes. Sloane can be applied to kitchen models with doors without handle band, such as the Aprile model or the Standard Program.