Five years of Jack, the iconic bed by Zanellato Bortotto for Bolzan that combines tailoring and attention to the environment

There are special worlds in which design enters on tiptoe, bringing with lightness and discretion the renewed quality, intuition and character that a company asks of its designers. One of these worlds is undoubtedly the bedroom, together with the bathroom the most intimate space in the house to which we entrust rest and sleep, but also that variable share of active life that the recent upheavals have brought into our homes by mixing the time of work with that of relaxation.

Bolzan, the bed atelier

Since 1990, Bolzan has been an important presence in our homes, through a rich catalog of textile beds marked by tailoring. Company with its roots in Veneto, active as an atelier able to combine craftsmanship with industrial logic, five years ago added a crucial stage to its history focused on fabric, calling Giorgia Zanellato and Daniele Bortotto to design a creation that, at the same time, it would tell the know-how and tradition of the brand and push its boundaries further, to underline its international vocation. A challenge that gave life to Jack, the bed that quickly became a design classic with its iconic presence that combines fabric with the novelty of metal.

Natural fabric like a DNA

The fabric represents a distinctive element of its DNA for the Venetian company. In fact, the sample offers a very wide choice of textile typologies made with natural materials. Cotton, linen, silk and wool become the basis for over five hundred combinations that allow a total customization of the bed. It is this abacus that Zanellato Bortotto have interpreted, for the first time in the history of the company, in a new key, which respects its centrality in the history of Bolzan but, at the same time, opens it to a new phase. Headboard and footboard of the bed receive, like two rollers, the fabric, which, closed with a simple zip, can be double-sided, easily washable and replaceable over time.

Maximum tailoring

At Jack, design also means maximum possibility of customization and sustainability. The tubes are in fact customizable in size to obtain the desired width: from the French bed to the king size or made to measure, which makes the collection perfect also for contract in any country in the world. Obviously, the double-faced fabric is also customizable: you can have cotton on one side and wool on the other in order to characterize the house according to the seasons. Or, playing with the decor, you can focus on a pronounced pattern on one side and a neutral color on the other.

“Our idea” explain Giorgia Zanellato and Daniele Bortotto “was to bring out and become visible the structure of the bed, rethinking the classic upholstery in this way. We focused on a light and flexible structure, all characteristics of the metal used that allowed us to work on modularity and colors. Furthermore, the fabric does not only have a decorative function, but draws the fullness of the bed and supports the weight of the body ".

Attention to the environment

Jack is shipped completely disassembled to reduce the ecological footprint of the shipment. Assembly is simple: eight screws are enough to fit the tubes and the fabric covers can be closed with a zip. Attention to the environment is not a side note in Jack's story, but a factor that plays an even more decisive role. For the fifth anniversary of the collection, Zanellato Bortotto are among other things working on a version that enhances the local supply chain, that network of local manufacturers that flows into Bolzan creations and has the value of respect for the environment in its DNA. The new Jack is therefore destined to add another important chapter to the history of the company.