Two new products that complete a range of plumbing components capable of inspiring the bathroom project

There are products, or entire collections, which arise from a well-resolved technical detail. This is the case with hydraulic components. The bathroom is one of those environments whose design revolves a lot around the technical components. Which are nothing more than borders and limits around which the good designer must work to solve functions and aesthetics in the best possible way.

"Bathroom furniture is a very stratified and transversal sector: we have always collaborated with manufacturers of taps, sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, shower box" explains Andrea Bonomini, export manager of Bonomini, a brand that produces hydraulic technologies for bathrooms and kitchens. “Just as we collaborate with companies that design and build ad hoc complete bathrooms, or with architects who have to carry out contract projects. All the players in the bathroom furnishing market who have chosen our company very often carry out the project starting from one of our catalog items ". And when, on the other hand, there is a need that the catalog does not respond to? “In this case we study the best solution together with the designer”, concludes Bonomini.

For 2022 Bonomini launches two new products: Inoxmater and Canalissima. The first is a sink drain that arises from the intent to make this element of the bathroom, which often remains visible, as clean and minimalist as possible. The result is a more geometric and decidedly better solution from a formal point of view, of the classic sink siphon. Andrea Bonomini explains: "We wanted a minimal and sophisticated design and to make the siphon no longer a technical accessory to hide, but a real piece of furniture to combine with the best taps".

The second highlight of 2022 is Canalissima, a flush-to-floor drain for which, already in the design phase, a separation between the visible and recessed parts was studied. The invisible elements are designed to resist wear and to facilitate the work of installers with measures ranging from 20 to 120 centimeters in length. The external grid, on the other hand, adapts to any type of floor and is available in three different materials: stainless steel, aluminum and transparent methacrylate. Furthermore, Canalissima is a modular product: a useful detail for contract projects.