A modern, simple but elegant place to enjoy an ice cream made with natural products. Casalgrande Padana supplied the ceramic for the cladding in shades of soft green

In Tel-Aviv, Buza Gelato Gallery was born from the idea of architects Simon Baranzin and Jonathan Canetti (Studio S.B.) to create a sort of small boutique of taste. A modern, simple, elegant place where you can savor an ice cream made with natural products from a small factory at the foot of Mount Meron overlooking the apple orchards. The project won second place in the "Public, industrial and service buildings" category at the 12th edition of the Grand Prix international architecture competition promoted and organized by Casalgrande Padana.

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Ceramics as a founding architectural element

The use of ceramic extended to all surfaces of the Buza Gelato Gallery defines an enveloping and precise architectural shell in which the chromatic harmony of a soft green joins the mono-material choice of the covering, creating an oasis of tranquility, almost abstract, in the city landscape. Ceramics, going beyond the structural and decorative dimension, are exhibited in three dimensions assuming the value of a founding architectural element.

Continuum of surfaces

The main idea of the project for Buza Gelato Gallery was to create a continuum of surfaces between the floor, walls, counters and bleachers by cladding them with 30x60 cm porcelain stoneware tiles from the Marte collection in the Verde Guatemala colour. A single material with a strong visual impact becomes the protagonist of the space, enveloping the shapes in a particular shade of green that recalls the natural landscape from which Buza's ice cream comes.

Inspired by natural marbles

Marte is the stoneware collection inspired by the beauty of natural marbles. Available in 15 different color variants and in seven sizes (from 15x15 cm and 15x60 cm, 40x40 cm to 30x30 cm, 30x60 cm, 60x60 cm and 60x120 cm) in 9.4 mm thickness, Marte expands the intense and precious naturalness of marble-effect surfaces through a large and rich collection to draw on for new compositional solutions for floors and walls.

New expressions of light

High definition graphics and shades of color highlight the particularity of the details. Shades of gray and intense colors mix practicality and aesthetics where classicism dialogues with contemporary design, giving life to new expressions of light in the Buza Gelato Gallery spaces.

All the qualities of porcelain stoneware

Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware is non-absorbent; free from chemical waterproofing agents, varnishes or resins; environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly; fireproof and, in case of fire, does not emit toxic substances; antibacterial (thanks to Bios Antibacterial® technology available on request); easy to lay; it does not require particular maintenance interventions.

From residential to contract

Resistance to abrasion, bending, atmospheric agents, stains and chemical agents make these collections the ideal solution for floors and walls, for residential spaces and for use in public contexts or contract projects.

Photo: Ido Adan