The brand's new advertising campaign launches a fluid and multifunctional gaze on environments

Overturning the traditional schemes of living and placing the emphasis on the continuity of spaces and the multifunctionality of furnishings, Caccaro launches the new advertising campaign for 2023. The company focuses on a fluid project, which embraces the observer with broad perspectives and a feeling of openness and lightness. The organization of the space is cleverly studied and articulated thanks to the furnishings, creating a welcoming and harmonious context.

Architecture and design: a balanced bond

Natural materials are at the heart of Caccaro's design approach, with the grain of the wood and marble blending in harmony with the exterior. The sunlight and the greenery of the plants make their way into the living area, interacting with the colors and textures of the finishes, creating a fascinating material and chromatic play. The aim is to make indoors and outdoors closely connected, uniting architecture and design in a balanced union.

Define the space

The compatibility between Caccaro's Freedhome and Wallover Systems represents one of the design innovations, responding to current living needs. The pillars translate into containing columns with an important architectural role, defining the space and its functions.

Flexibility and integration

Freedhome, on the other hand, focuses on order and rational maintenance of the environment, thanks to meticulous planning that covers the walls to the millimeter. The flexibility and integration between these systems are an innovative language available to architects and designers, with unlimited creative and design potential.

Cutting-edge solutions

Caccaro continues to look to the future, committing itself to the creation of sustainable and high quality products, embracing a contemporary and conscious lifestyle. The advertising campaign invites the public to explore living, focusing on the well-being of people and the multifunctionality of spaces. The design premise gives life to cutting-edge solutions for a modern and conscious lifestyle.